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All with the exciting marmalade zing are six different marmalades ranged from the Traditional Seville Orange through the spicy Ginger to the sharply flavoured Lemon and Rhubarb with the two Grapefruits having a stronger flavour - the pink slightly sweeter than the yellow.  The Whisky marmalade is based on seville oranges with a good helping of whisky providing a little extra excitement - a perfect gift or stocking filler.

Marmalade Ginger

8oz 12oz *Postage & Packaging added at checkout £3.50 £4.50

Lemon-Rhubarb Lemon-Rhubarb Marmalade - Ingredients: Rhubarb, Sugar,  Seville Oranges, Lemons, and Tartaric Acid   Marmalal Lemwn a Rhwbob – Cynhwysion: Rhwbob, Siwgr,  Orenau Seville, Lemwn ac asid tartarig

8oz 12oz *Postage & Packaging added at checkout £3.50 £4.50

Pink Grapefruit Marmalade - Ingredients: Pink Grapefruit, Sugar  and lemons  Marmalad Grawnffrwyth Pinc – Cynhwysion: Grawnffrwyth Pinc,  Siwgr a Lemwn

8oz 12oz *Postage & Packaging added at checkout £3.50 £4.50

Seville Orange Seville Orange Marmalade - Ingredients: - Seville Oranges,  Lemons and Sugar  Marmalad Oren Seville – Cynhwysion: Orenau Seville, Lemwn  a Siwgr

8oz 12oz *Postage & Packaging added at checkout £3.50 £4.50

Whisky Marmalade  - Ingredients: Seville Oranges, Lemons,  Sugar, Whisky, Natural Pectin (apples and lemons) Marmalad Wisgi – Cynhwysion – Orenau Seville, Lemwn, Siwgr,  Wisgi, Pectin Naturiol (Afalau a Lemwn)

8oz 12oz *Postage & Packaging added at checkout £3.50 £4.50

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