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Our cordials are made from locally grown fruit and handpicked elder flowers from the Brecon Beacons.  Much more concentrated than commercially available products, the cordials provide 10-20 times their own volume in delicious drinks when diluted with still or sparkling water.  They can also be used neat (undiluted)

as a topping for ice cream, mixed with yoghurt, or as a mixer for Prosecco, Gin or cocktails.

33cl *Postage & Packaging added at checkout £4.00 33cl *Postage & Packaging added at checkout £4.00 33cl *Postage & Packaging added at checkout £4.00 Blackberry Blackberry Cordial - Ingredients: - Blackberries and Sugar  Trwyth Aeron Duon: Cynhwysion: Aeron Duon, Siwgr

Blackcurrant Blackcurrant Cordial - Ingredients: Blackcurrants, Sugar and  Citric Acid  Trwyth Cwrens Duon – Cynhwysion: Cwrens Duon, Siwgr a Asid  Citrig

Elderflower Elderflower Cordial -  Ingredients: Ingredients: Elderflowers,  Sugar, lemons and citric acid  Trwyth Eirin Ysgaw – Cynhwysion: Eirin Ysgaw, Siwgr, Lemwn ac  asid citrig

Raspberry Raspberry Cordial - Ingredients: Raspberries, Sugar and Red  Wine Vinegar  Trwyth Mafon – Cynhwysion: Mafon, Siwgr a Finegr Gwin Coch

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